Case Study: The National Crittenton Foundation (TNCF)

For 130 years, The National Crittenton and its family of 27 agencies have believed in the power of potential in young women living at the margin of the American Dream.  The Crittenton Family of Agencies helps young women and girls to overcome obstacles not of their own making, such as sexual, emotional and physical abuse, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, and sexual trafficking.

In partnership with TNCF staff, ChildFocus helps raise the voices and innovative work of the Crittenton Family of Agencies and the young women they support before Congress and state legislatures.  We draft and advocate for legislation, organize briefings for legislative staff and policy advocates, and help Crittenton agencies build strong relationships with Congress. On Capitol Hill, where the messenger is often as important as the message, we work closely with TNCF’s Communications team to ensure our messages are heard by busy Congressional staff.

In describing the Childfocus approach to advocacy, we couldn’t say it better than TNCF President Jeannette Pai-Espinosa:

“There are no better advocates than the young women we serve.  If we give them an opportunity to tell their stories, change will happen even in the most difficult political climate.”